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Japan Mobile Maps. has a brand new look. You are now able to search, see all the pins in Google maps, make comments and many other features.  Find restaurants, shopping centers, US Bases, Festivals and fireworks and use your smartphone Google map to get there. 

What's New and coming up:
  • Camping Adventures. Join us on group and family campouts. Everything is organized and taken care of for you or you can just get in our van and be own your own.
  • Outdoor Adventures  We now have available offering camping, fishing, hiking etc tours. It is totally customized to your likings. 
  • Outdoor Japan: Information on camping to include wild (free) camping spots, fishing, hiking, biking and much more.
  • Best Places: Best of Japan. Best places to see.
  • Calendar with event and festivals. 
  • New maps with custom pins. 
  • Lots of Festivals and events added. 
  • Popular Tags
  • Coming Soon:  “Exclusive member only”. We will be providing basic support via interactive forum to help our customers Enjoy Japan. We will be posting specials when we find them. More information to come soon.
  • Coming Soon: "personal support” feature for those who need help finding their perfect place to go, making reservations, and much more.

Updated: Apr 15, 2017

Camping Adventures

Have you ever wanted to go camping and just afraid how to go about doing it? Afraid of camping in Japan? Don't have equipment to go camping? No problem. We provide a fun and unique experience for families and couples who want to try camping in Japan. We will take care of making the menu, reserving the campsite, cooking your meals giving you time to explore the area and having you experience cooking some unique meals, provide you with information and directions to get to various attractions in the area, go fishing, swimming, kayaking, biking, skiing and so much more. 

We also do custom trips so please let us know what you want and we will take care of it for you. 

We also have Kids camping where you drop the kids off with us for the weekend and we take care of all their needs.  Click here for more information on Camping Adventures. 

Upcoming Camping trips

Memorial Day weekend May 26-28, 2018 Reserve your spot

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventure

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