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City Prefecture
Atsugi City Office Atsugi Kanagawa
Atsugi Police Station Atsugi Kanagawa
AUI Insurance Zama Kanagawa
Ayase City Office Ayase Kanagawa
Ebina Bunka kaikan Ebina Kanagawa
Haneda Airport Yokohama Kanagawa
Hiroshima Nishi Airport Hiroshima
Hotel Julian Love Hotel Zama Kanagawa
Hotel Sala Love Hotel Zama Kanagawa
Hotel Suneight Sagami-ono Kanagawa
Korean Embassy Toyama
Nagasaki Airport Nagasaki
Narita Airport Chiba
New Chitose Airport Hokkaidō
Odakyu Hotel Century Sagami-ono Sagami-Ono Kanagawa
Philippine Embassy
Sagamihara City Office  Sagamihara Kanagawa
Sagamihara LTO Aikawa Kanagawa
Sendai Airport Miyagi
Shinohara Clinic Dr. Maenaka Zama Kanagawa
Shonanatsugi Hospital Atsugi Kanagawa
Tokai Daigako University Hospital Hadano Kanagawa
Tokyo Metropolitan Office Tōkyō
US Embassy Tōkyō
Visa Place Yokohama Yokohama Kanagawa
Yamato City Office  Yamato Kanagawa
Zama City Office  Zama Kanagawa
Zama Police Station Zama Kanagawa