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Memorial Day Weekend Campout

Updated 05/016/2017 1740 *** Location changed


Join us on this spring camp to Lake Tanuki. Lake Tanuki, located in Yamanashi, is a manmade lake that is about 4km in diameter and is about 2 hours from Camp Zama. The campsite has western style toilets and coin shower. (5 min for ¥500). You can bring your dog. The campsite is large and has plenty of grassy areas to pitch the tents.  We will bring our kayak and rubber boats for everyone to take turns playing in them. You will have time to explore the area such as the different caves, fishing, kayaking, biking and so much more. We will assist you as needed.  This is also a great place to take photos of Mt. Fuji. 

Directions to the campsite from google maps .
You have an option to be on your own (you provide your own equipment and food) but have transportation, or have us prepare your meals. 

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you like to participate. Leave a message if you have any questions. 

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Making breakfast can be fun. One of the breakfast is making omelettes in a ziplock baggies. The kids and even adults love to make this style breakfast. 



We love helping the kids make crafts from nature, play games and just enjoy nature. 



One of the meals is just a good ol' fashion BBQ.


  Making S'mores is always a favorite with everyone.  


Do you want to do something special on the campout? Such as a surprise birthday party or another event. Let us know and we will do for you. 




Saturday May 27th
Depart Zama 0700, arrive at camp
Set up camp
Lunch  TBD
Fuji 5 Lake Tour: 1330 (¥2000 7 people)
Arrive back at camp 1700
Dinner:  TBD
Campfire at night, make smores/roast marshmallows. 
Sunday. May 28th. 
Breakfast:  0700 Pancakes, Sausage, fruits, Assorted drinks and coffee.
Shiroito Falls Tour 0830 (¥1000 7 people)
Lunch: Various
Dinner: TBD
Monday. May 29th. 
Breakfast:  0700 Omelettes with sausages/bacon, assorted juices and coffee.
On your own
Lunch: TBD
Depart: 1500, Arrive back at Zama around 1700
**All times are estimate. Times may vary
Deluxe Plan:  
We take care of all your needs. Great for the beginner, not knowing how to camp in Japan and for families with children. (Spend your time with your kids) We provide kitchen/dining area, cook meals, clean up so you have more time to relax and enjoy. 
Cost: Includes campsite entrance fee for each person, food and drinks, and a little towards us for planning, making and guiding. Tents, chairs, table, fishing equipment, etc. is available first come, first serve basis.
           Adults: $190 
            Children 11-18 yr olds  $130
            Children 6-10 yr olds  $95  
            Children 3-5 yr olds $66
            Children 0-2 yr olds $40 (Camp fees only)
 Transportation: $40 single or $70 a couple (8 spots available) Must bring car seat for infants
**For large family please contact us for cost adjustment.  Ervin@enjoyingjapan.com
On Your Own Plan:
            Cost: $50  Includes campsite fee for each person. You provide your own equipment and prepare own meals.              
            Rental equipment available.
What to Bring:
  • Tent, if you need one, let us know. We have Three 5-man tents and couple 2-man tents
  • Sleeping bag or blankets and sleeping pad. Night time will be cold so make sure you bring plenty to keep warm. We have 5 sleeping bags. We ask that you pay $3 for cleaning fees. 
  • Change of clothes. Bring warm clothes and jacket.
  • Boots/outdoor shoes
  • Extra pair of shoes in case gets wet
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight
  • Chair
  • Extra drinks, snacks. (Drinks and snacks are included, but if you need more, please bring extra)
  • We do not supply adult beverages, so please BYOB.  (We ask that you help bring home your cans/glass bottles)
  • Sunblock
  • A desire to have fun and a Big Smile
please provide a cell phone number so we can contact you.
If yes, please state what you need. We have limited amount of tents, sleeping pad and bags, fishing rods and reels. It is first come, first serve basis. On your own plan there is a small fee for rental.
Please include number of adults and children with ages.
Please describe all for your safety.
Choose the tours that you want to join.
Please also let us know what you looking forward to
Let us know if you have any concerns or questions about the campout.
Please explain what you would like us to do for you. From making cakes, decorations etc.

By clicking submit, you agree to participate on this campout. If you need to cancel, you must cancel by 0800 Thursday May 23. If not, you will be asked to pay for the food that was purchased for your party. 

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