Moose Family Camp Resort

The American style campsite is 1652 tsubo (1.3 acre) and is beautifully landscaped with large grassy area in the middle of the camp and has plenty of trees, flowers and roses. It has 22 camp spots that have a brick patio with a picnic table, and has water, electric and waste hookup. There are 3 camping trailers and 1 camper, 6 designated tent spots and one deck with tent looking over the small creek. There is a log cabin that has a clubhouse, bathroom, laundry service, a bar/snack area, living quarters on 2nd floor, sauna and two Japanese style baths with relaxing jets. Next to the clubhouse there is a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Behind the cabin is a workshop with professional wood working tools to create and remodel. There is also a double trailer that is used as the office and house. There is a small creek in a wooded area below the swimming pool that has fireflies in the spring. Fireflies are rare in the area.

Camp Captel is located in Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture. It is 3 hours by toll from Camp Zama/Atsugi, 2.5 hours from Yokota/Tokyo and 3.5 hours from Yokosuka. Tolls are about ¥5000 for cars equiped with ETC and about ¥6000 for regular tolls. Free road takes about 5 hours from Camp Zama. To save money and time, you can take toll road to Goka interchange (Google Map) and then route 4 all the way to Nasu. Route 4 is a 2-3 lane highway with few lights. Cost drops considerly. 

There are tons of things to see and do in Nasu. Amusement parks, zoo, safari park, monkey park, museums, and so much more. 

Please watch the video to see the entire campsite. It is 20 min long.