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The American style campsite is 1652 tsubo (1.3 acre) and is beautifully landscaped with large grassy area in the middle of the camp and has plenty of trees, flowers and roses. It has 22 camp spots that have a brick patio with a picnic table, and has water, electric and waste hookup. There are 3 camping trailers and 1 camper, 6 designated tent spots and one deck with tent looking over the small creek. There is a log cabin that has a clubhouse, bathroom, laundry service, a bar/snack area, living quarters on 2nd floor, sauna and two Japanese style baths with relaxing jets. Next to the clubhouse there is a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Behind the cabin is a workshop with professional wood working tools to create and remodel. There is also a double trailer that is used as the office and house. There is a small creek in a wooded area below the swimming pool that has fireflies in the spring. Fireflies are rare in the area.

Camp Captel is located in Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture. It is 3 hours by toll from Camp Zama/Atsugi, 2.5 hours from Yokota/Tokyo and 3.5 hours from Yokosuka. Tolls are about ¥5000 for cars equiped with ETC and about ¥6000 for regular tolls. Free road takes about 5 hours from Camp Zama. To save money and time, you can take toll road to Goka interchange (Google Map) and then route 4 all the way to Nasu. Route 4 is a 2-3 lane highway with few lights. Cost drops considerly. 

There are tons of things to see and do in Nasu. Amusement parks, zoo, safari park, monkey park, museums, and so much more. 

Please watch the video to see the entire campsite. It is 20 min long.


Traditional Japanese campsites charge for the campsite along with per tent, per vehicle and per person. We would continue this for local Japanese but will also offer a Military discounts. We would charge a flat rate for Military (US and Japanese) for up to 4 people with additional cost per person for a weekend campout. Check-in would be Friday night after 2000 and check-out would be 1800 on Sunday or Monday if it’s a holiday for a weekend campout.

The pool presently opens late July thru end of August. We would open it on Memorial Day weekend and close on Labor Day weekend. There will be music, balls, volleyball, basketball and many other fun things to do.

We plan to have a Snack Shack by the pool which would be open daily 0800-1700 sell various items such as snacks, sodas, beer, sun lotion.

Saturday and Sunday mornings we will offer breakfast in the kitchen. We will make various menus such as Country breakfast in a Dutch oven.

Sundays will offer BBQ lunches in the kitchen. Every Sunday will have a different theme such as Ribs, chicken, Dutch oven, etc.

Each campsite is presently named after a US State. We will put the state license plate at the entrance along with the state flag and an information sheet on state bird, trees, stats, etc. Along with that, each trailer, cabin and tree house will have a theme of that state. For example, Alaska would have a rugged outdoor theme while Hawaii has a “Aloha” beach feeling.

“Kids Camp Week” During certain times of year, campsite is only available for families. We will provide special events for the kids.

We know many people don’t have camping equipment. So we will rent out package deal. Set of tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bags, cooking supplies and all other supplies needed for camping.

We will pick up customers at the train station instead of having them take a taxi. Customers would have to reserve first and let us know when they are coming in.


We were able to raise $80,000 to make the down payment on the campsite. Now we need to start fixing and making the site better. We need to raise $20,000 so we can make the Campsite better for you.

  • We need to build two showers that will be open 24 hours a day. 
  • We want to build an outdoor kitchen for everyone to use
  • We need to remodel the present campers.

1. Donate directly to one of the many accounts setup below. 
2. Purchase membership card with Moose Camp Resort. Please go the website for more info.
3. Purchase a “Prepaid Card” For donations $200 and more, we will give you a “Prepaid Card”. You will receive 85% of your money back on future camping fees, not to include food. 15% is for fees paid to gofundme or PayPal and the rest goes to help with our charity. So if you donate $500, you will have $350 towards future camping fees. Can be used anytime after April 2019 when it becomes ours. 
4. Investment. We are willing to pay up to 30%-40% for any donations over $1000. Please send us an e-mail at for more information.

You can donate directly to our GoFundme page at or our Pay Pal at You can also donate to our Japanese Bank account. 
記号 10310
番号 86285231
名前 We Love Tohoku

店名 〇三八(読み ゼロサンハチ)
店番 038
預金種目 普通預金
口座番号 86285231
名前 We Love Tohoku(ウィーラブトウホク)







Enjoying Camp Moose without a car?

Just curious if there is any way to spend time at Camp Moose (and the surrounding attractions) if one doesn't have a car.  Can we get there by public transportation?  And, I imagine that once there, we'd need to go to the local supermarket to buy food to cook.  Just wondering if there is any way around that.

Hello Tara

Where are you coming from? If you take the train, we can pick you up at the local train station. Depending on how busy the day is, we can take you to the store. Or you can take a taxi. Please send me an e-mail and we can talk more.

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Nearby Attractions

Distance and time from Moose Camp Ground

Distance Time Pictures Information
Fujishiro Seiji Museum 18.1 Km 33 Min

It is a theater-type museum where you can experience the feeling that you are impressed. Projection mapping, including masterpieces and a biggest sized 6 m wide gigantic aquarium of the past,
Nasu Animal Kingdom 21 km 35 min

Park with 600 animals. You can pet many and interact with them.
Nasu Buggy Park 17.6 Km 35 Min

Rent 4-wheel buggies and drive on set course or off road. Children along with adults can ride and have fun.
Nasu Highland Park 21.7 km 44 min

The Nasu Highland Park is the biggest amusement park in all of Tochigi and offers something for everyone With over 40 different attractions, including 10 roller coasters.
Nasu Rindo Lake View 11.8 Km 21 Min

A park boasting a host of activities for all ages. Kids will love meeting farm animals of all types at the petting zoo, including cows, pigs, and sheep. Jump in a paddleboat and coast freely around the lake.