About the campsite

Camp Captel is an American style camp grounds. It has 22 camping spots on 1.3 acre land. (1652 Tsubo). Each campsite has water and eletric hookup along with waste water dump. 4 sites are designated for tent camping. There are 3 camper trailers and a camping car. There are 15 spots for customers to bring their camper. One site has a deck looking over a stream with a tent on it. There are two Japanese style baths. One large and one smaller. It also has a jacuzzi, sauna and a swimming pool. The campground is beautifully landscaped with lush of green grass, tall hinoki trees, roses and so many flowers. 

Camp Captel is located in Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture. It is 3 hours by toll from Camp Zama/Atsugi, 2.5 hours from Yokota/Tokyo and 3.5 hours from Yokosuka. Tolls are about ¥5000. Free road takes about 5 hours from Camp Zama. To save money and time, you can take toll road to Goka interchange (Google Map) and then route 4 all the way to Nasu. Route 4 is a 2-3 lane highway with few lights. Cost drops considerly. 

There are tons of things to see and do in Nasu. Amusement parks, zoo, safari park, monkey park, museums, and so much more. 

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Nearby Attractions

Distance and time from Moose Camp Ground

Distance Time Pictures Information
Fujishiro Seiji Museum 18.1 Km 33 Min

It is a theater-type museum where you can experience the feeling that you are impressed. Projection mapping, including masterpieces and a biggest sized 6 m wide gigantic aquarium of the past,
Nasu Animal Kingdom 21 km 35 min

Park with 600 animals. You can pet many and interact with them.
Nasu Buggy Park 17.6 Km 35 Min

Rent 4-wheel buggies and drive on set course or off road. Children along with adults can ride and have fun.
Nasu Highland Park 21.7 km 44 min

The Nasu Highland Park is the biggest amusement park in all of Tochigi and offers something for everyone With over 40 different attractions, including 10 roller coasters.
Nasu Rindo Lake View 11.8 Km 21 Min

A park boasting a host of activities for all ages. Kids will love meeting farm animals of all types at the petting zoo, including cows, pigs, and sheep. Jump in a paddleboat and coast freely around the lake.