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Phone numbers commonly asked for

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If you are calling from cellphone or outside line to another base DSN, use these numbers:
Zama 046-407-XXXX
SHA 042-869-6XXX
Atsugi 046-763-XXXX
Sagami Depot 042-869-4XXX

To dial commercial from your Japanese cell phone: first dial 046-407-1201, listen to the prompts, then enter the following number:

AAFES Customer Service 1-214-261-2092/2103
Alterations 1-214-261-2086
Barber Shop 1-214-261-2082
Beauty Shop 1-214-261-2080
Burger King 1-214-261-2061
Car Rental 1-214-261-2078
Gas Station Attendant 1-214-261-2067
Gas Station Garage 1-214-261-2087
Main Street Espresso 1-214-261-2117
MCSS 1-214-261-2094
New Car Sales 1-646-381-0399
Popeye’s 1-214-261-2115
Power Zone 1-214-261-2109
Pxtra Counter/Office 1-214-261-2134
Rainbow Art 1-214-261-6369
Shoppette - Zama 1-214-261-2068
Softbank Mobile 1-214-261-2088
Subway 1-214-261-2090/2089

Movie Schedule 1-214-261-2122
Shoppette 1-214-261-2074
Special T's 1-214-261-6419

Calling on base operator from a cellphone: 046-407-1110

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