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Trout Fishing Hayatogawa

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Let's go Trout Fishing at Hayatogawa in Kanagawa Prefecture. The river is located in the mountains near Lake Miyagase. This crystal clean river is stocked with several species of trout. You can either use spoons, lures or fly fish. Cannot use bait. There is no limit of how many fish you can take. For the beginners, I will help you learn how to catch these fish and even how to fillet or clean them. I have some equipment and flies/lures for you to use. First come first serve basis. 


Trout that are available at Hayatogawa
Nijimasu (Rainbow Trout) Iwana (Char)
Brook Trout Brown Trout
Coho Salmon Sakura Masu (Cherry)
Amago/Yamame Ito (Japanese Taimen)



Sunday May 21st  5月21日日曜日
Two Times available.
First Departure: Depart Tokyo 0445, arrive at river 0700 / 東京を4:45am 出発、早戸川に5:45amに到着予定
Buy license and start fishing 0600 / 6:00am ライセンスを購入して釣りを始める
Second Departure: Depart Zama 0700, arrive at river 0800 / 座間を7:00am 出発、早戸川に8:00amに到着予定
Buy license and start fishing 0600 / 6:00am ライセンスを購入して釣りを始める
Lunch: Eat as you wish.  $8 all the hot coffee and hot coco you can drink, plus hot soup and sandwiches. Or bring your lunch. / ランチ:あなたの好きな時間に食べます。 
オプション:¥1000追加でホットコーヒーとホットココア、ティーをお好きなだけお飲みいただけます。ホットスープとサンドイッチもご用意しています。または、ご自身でランチを持ってきてください。 (早戸川近くにはコンビニエンスストアはございません。)
Stop Fishing 1700 / フィッシング終了予定17:00
Depart 1730 / 早戸川17:30出発
Arrive back at Zama 1830 / 座間に18:30頃に戻る
Cost: $20 for transportation. Pick up on Zama.  Atsugi and other areas are possible for small fee. ¥5000 for Tokyo /  費用:交通費は20ドル。座間駅近郊でお迎え致します。少額の料金で厚木などが可能です. 東京まで¥5000
Spots Available: Transportation: 14 of 14      可能な人数:(14のうちの11) 14人までお迎え出来ます。
Fill out form below to register. / 登録するには、以下のフォームに記入してください。

Notes: / ノート:

  • Times are estimates and depends on traffic conditions.  / 時間は見積もりであり、交通状況に左右されます
  • Time may change due to customers request
  • Trip will only be cancelled during severe weather. / 悪天候の場合にのみ、旅行はキャンセルされます。

Japan Mobile Maps: 

please provide a cell phone number so we can contact you.
Please include number of adults and children with ages.
Please also let us know what you looking forward to
Let us know if you have any concerns or questions about the campout.
Please explain what you would like us to do for you. From making cakes, decorations etc. Do you need any equipment?

By clicking submit, you agree to participate on this event. If you need to cancel, you must cancel by 1700 Monday, Apr 11th. 

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Fishing trip


I have not heard anything yet after I put in a request. I was wondering if you received it. Thank you.

Sorry Steven, 

Sorry Steven, 

I'm glad I was able to talk to you on the phone. Not sure why the e-mail didn't go thru. 



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