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Must attend Festivals

There are over 200,000 festivals every year in Japan ranging from quiet and introspective to wild and dangerous. Festivals are held at shrines and temples along with local and national festivals. There are dance festivals, snow festivals, rife festivals, performance festival, religious festivals and many more. Festivals often show strength, endurance and bravery that are are considered a rite of passage. Japanese festivals provide an opportunity to interact with the locals and to participate in the lighthearted side of Japanese culture.

The following list are considered the biggest and best festivals Japan has to offer.

Title Prefecture City Event Start Date Event End Date
Adachi Fireworks 足立 Tōkyō Adachi Finished 2017/07/22 Sat
Big Kite of Zama Kanagawa Zama 2018/05/04 2018/05/05
Edogawa Fireworks 江戸川 Tōkyō Edogawa Finished 2017/08/05 Sat
Ichikawamisato Fireworks 市川三郷 Yamanashi Ishikawa Finished 2017/08/07 Mon
Itabashi Fireworks 戸田橋 Tōkyō Edogawa Finished 2017/08/05 Sat
Katsushika Fireworks 葛飾 Tōkyō Katsushika Finished 2017/07/25 Tue
Kawaguchi Lake Fireworks 河口湖 Yamanashi Kawaguchiko Finished 2017/08/05 Sat
Koinobori Kanagawa Sagami 2018/04/29 2018/05/05
Koto Fireworks 江東 Tōkyō Koto Finished 2017/08/01 Tues
Sagami Giant kite Festival Kanagawa Sagamihara 2018/05/04 2018/05/05
Sumida River Fireworks 隅田川 Spot 1 of 2 Tōkyō Sumida Finished 2017/07/29 Sat
Sumida River Fireworks 隅田川 Spot 2 of 2 Tōkyō Sumida Finished 2017/07/29 Sat
Tokyo Olympics 2020 Tōkyō Tokyo 2018/07/24 2018/08/09