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Have you ever wanted to go camping and just afraid how to go about doing it? Afraid of camping in Japan? Don't have equipment to go camping? No problem. We provide a fun and unique experience for families and couples who want to try camping in Japan. We will take care of making the menu, reserving the campsite, cooking your meals giving you time to explore the area and having you experience cooking some unique meals,  provide you with information and directions to get to various attractions in the area, go fishing, swimming, kayaking, biking, skiing and so much more.
We also have Kids camping where you drop the kids off with us for the weekend and we take care of all their needs.



We have most of the camping equipment that you need. We have all the cooking utensils, stoves, dutch ovens, tables and canopies. On first come first basis, we have tents that you can use, fishing pole and equipment. We also have kayaks, windsurf boards, snorkeling equipment and much more.

If you want to try and never experienced fishing, I will help you get started. I will work with the kids to catch fish. Fishing varies depending where we camp. If you are interested in hiking, depending on whre we camp, we will provide informaiton on hikes in the area and upon request, will guide you on the hike. 

We will have special activites for the children such as making a picture frame with sea shells and other outdoor crafts and actiivites, making ice cream and smores and so much more. 




Making breakfast can be fun. One of the breakfast is making omelettes in a ziplock baggies. The kids and even adults love to make this style breakfast. 


A favorite way of cooking lunch or dinner is making a meal in aluminum foil. It's not only fun to make and design, but also very delicious.  You have a choice between cheese-n-hamburger or chicken thigh.


One of the meals is just a good ol' fashion BBQ.


Making S'mores is always a favorite with children.


One of the fun things to do is make ice cream on a hot day.




My name is Rika. I have been camping for more than 30 years. I really love camping at the beach. I can spend days on the beach collecting shells, snorkeling, sunbathing and enjoying the sound. My favorite part of camping is outdoor cooking. I'm looking forward to cooking some nice meals for you.  



My name is Ervin, I have camped since I was 8. I lived off the land for 9 months when I was 17. I was a scout leader and adventure crew for several years and I taught outdoor survival for them. I have lived in Japan for over 30 years and I have organized many camping trips in the past 15 years. I love being in the great outdoors, especially fishing, kayaking and hiking. Most important thing for me is to ensure everyone has a very good experience camping that will lead to a love for the great outdoors. 


Upcoming Camping Trips: 
Past Camping Trips:
Colombus Day Campout Oct 7-9, 2017
Japanese Kids Camp Jul 27-29,2017
Memorial Day Campout  May 27-29, 2017
Spring Lake Shoji Mar 24-25, 2017  CP version  Smart Phone Version
Presidents Day Campout Feb 18-20, 2017  CP version   Smart Phone Version



My family and I are

My family and I are experienced campers and Ervin invited us to join his "beginner camp" on Labor Day weekend.  We had a blast.  Ervin and Rika included my daughter in making pizza, ice cream and hot chocolate with marshmallows which she really enjoyed.  My husband went out with my daughter on the lake in a kayak we borrowed from Ervin.  The experience was really great!  We brought fireworks and let all the kids enjoy them.  If your looking to have a good time and make great memories, this is a trip you'd want to take with Ervin and Rika.  Those two are really good with children of all ages.  Hope you decide to make a trip with them!

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Thanks Susan

I enjoyed having your family join us. You know we really enjoy making the kids happy. Looking forward to more trips with you. 


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Best camping trip EVER!!!

My husband and my two boys (7 & 9) joined Ervin for a family camping trip and they had an absolute blast. Everything was so well organized and the food was delicious. It rained for part of the time and they still had the time of their lives. They loved getting to try out fishing and kayaking. Ervin thought of everything and had lots of really fun activities for the kids. My husband really enjoyed that so much of the prep work was taken care of for him and he could just spend the time enjoying being outdoors with the boys. They can't wait for the next family trip. We would 100% recommend camping with Ervin to any family no matter how much or how little camping experience they have. You WILL have an awesome time :)

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Thanks Allen Family

We really enjoyed having your boys attend the camping trip. They looked so happy with all the activities that we did. And they really enjoyed making the various meals. Sorry, I didn't get to teach them fishing like I wanted to. Looking forward to seeing them again soon. 

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Thank you

Thanks for joining our family camping.  I enjoyed playing with your kids.  Also enjoyed outdoor cooking.  I hope you got wonderful experience and enjoyed



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Hey Ervin

Hey, glad to see you are doing your camping trips again. Do you still have your camper? I really enjoyed going camping with you in the past. Looking forward to joining you again someday.

For anyone that is looking to enjoy camping, this guy is your man!! He took care of everything for us. I highly recommend him.

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Wonderful trip!

Thanks so much for a fantastic camping trip.  We all had a blast.  Loved the food, games, and hospitality!  Looking forward to doing it again soon!


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My daughter and I loved the

My daughter and I loved the camping trip last weekend! Amazing food, kayaking, and a chance to meet some great people! Highly recommended!:)

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Another great time was had by all!

The Veteran's day campout was a success!  We loved the camping area - so much for the kids to do!  As always the food was amazing and we can't wait until the next one! 

Total votes: 170

Thank you

We really want to say thanks.  We can't wait to see you all again. 

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Spring camping ideas

Would be very interested in camping this spring and summer!

Total votes: 141

Upcoming events

Im very interested in camping this year, but can't see any upcoming events in 2017. Can you point me in the direction of events? 

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We had none plan in August. There are plenty of trips coming up now. 

Total votes: 117

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