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Thanksgiving Family Campout

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Nov 24th is American Thanksgiving Day. We are planning a family camping trip for anyone who wants to just relax at the lake and not worry about planning, shopping, cooking, setting up and have time to enjoy yourself at the lake. We will have several heaters just in case you get cold. We will be making a turkey for our Thanksgiving meal Saturday night and making dutch oven meals. You will have time to explore the area such as the different caves in the area, fishing, kayaking, biking and so much more. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you like to participate. Leave a message if you have any questions. 

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   Lake Saiko

Lake Saiko, We can camp in nice grassy area or by the lake. There is an american style toilet and an area for washing. You can bring your pet.  

Directions to the campsite from google maps . 



Making Hobo dinners is always fun to do. Your choice of fish, chicken or cheese-in-hamburger. With plenty of veggies and spices, you make a very tasty meal. 
You make your meal and wrap it in alumimum foil and cook directly on the campfire. 



Making breakfast can be fun. One of the breakfast is making omelettes in a ziplock baggies. The kids and even adults love to make this style breakfast. 



We love helping the kids make crafts from nature, play games and just enjoy nature. 



One of the meals is just a good ol' fashion BBQ.


  Making S'mores is always a favorite with everyone.  


                                       Schedule   You can choose when you come and when you leave.       

Thursday. Nov 24.
Start arriving after 1300. Setup camp. Free time
Dinner: 1800 Homemade soup, fried rice, salad and fruits.
Friday. Nov 25. 
Breakfast: Waffles, sausage/bacon, assorted fruits and juices.
Lunch: Hot sandwiches  Ham/cheese  or pizza sandwiches and hot apple/blueberry pies
Free time
Dinner: Japanese Oden (Pot) 
Campfire at night, make smores/roast marshmallows. 
Saturday Nov 26 
Breakfast:  Pancakes with sausages/bacon, assorted juices and coffee.
Free time
Lunch: Good ol' BBQ and Rika's suprise. 
Dinner: Thanksgiving dinner, Turkey, mashed potato, dressing, gravy, pumpkin pie and much more. Everything is being made at the campsite. 
Campfire at night, make smores/roast marshmallows. 
Sunday Nov 27
Breakfast: Enjoy making omelettes in a ziplock baggie. You'll have many choices to add to your omellet from veggies to cheese.  
Free time till lunch.
Late Lunch: Dutch oven roast
Clean up and departure at your leisure.
Cost: Includes camp fees for each person, food and drinks, and a little towards us for planning, making and guiding. There is no shower at the campsite, but there is a spa within a 5 minute walk. 
We will recieve ¥100 discount tickets to use it.  Adult ¥900→¥800 Child ( up to 12 years old ) ¥500→¥400 
Plan A: Arrive Thursday and depart Sunday 
            Adults: $190 
            Children 11-18 yr olds  $130
            Children 3-10 yr olds  $95  
            Children 0-2 $40 (Camp fees only)
Plan B: Arrive Friday and Depart Sunday  
            Adults: $160 
            Children 11-18 yr olds  $110 
            Children 3-10 yr olds  $80 
            Children 0-2 $30 (Camp fees only)
Plan C: Arrive Saturday morning and Depart Sunday  
            Adults: $130 
            Children 11-18 yr olds  $85 
            Children 3-10 yr olds  $70 
            Children 0-2 $20 (Camp fees only)
For large family or families with 5 yr old and under, please contact us for adjustment.  Ervin@enjoyingjapan.com
What to Bring:
  • Tent, if you need one, let us know. We have Three 5-man tents
  • Sleeping bag or blankets and sleeping pad. Night time will be cold so make sure you bring plenty to keep warm. We have 5 sleeping bags. We ask that you pay $3 for cleaning fees. 
  • Change of clothes. Bring warm clothes and jacket.
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight
  • Chair
  • Extra drinks, snacks. (Drinks and snacks are included, but if you need more, please bring extra)
  • We do not supply adult beverages, so please BYOB.  (We ask that you help bring home your cans/glass bottles)
  • Sunblock
  • A desire to have fun and a Big Smile


please provide a cell phone number and e-mail address so we can contact you.
If yes, please state what you need. We have limited amount of tents, sleeping pad and bags, fishing rods and reels,
Please include number of adults and children with ages.
Please describe all for your safety.
Please explain what each member would like to have.
Please also let us know what you looking forward to
Let us know if you have any concerns or questions about the campout.

By clicking submit, you agree to participate on this campout. If you need to cancel, you must cancel by 0800 Wednesday Nov 23rd. If not, you will be asked to pay for the food that was purchased for your party. 

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Just want to say what a great time my family had during the campout.

Ervin and Rika were amazing host and very knowledge full. Being a summer time camper, they taught my family multiple new techniques I can use in the future for winter campouts. 

The food was good. Rika is an amazing cook and always found new surprises to make for us. Ervin’s grill master skills were on par with our Texan standards of Bar-B-Q.

They were so supportive of our needs; they let us pick and choose what we wanted to do.  Ervin and Rika were just amazing when it came to our kids. Ervin was a very skillful instructor, teaching my son how to use a kayak. Rika was soo helpful in answering all of my daughter’s questions about anything and everything.

The one on one time with each of them was super fun. I can’t tell you how many times we laughed and laughed again.

At the end of the trip I ask my family what they liked and they couldn’t find any thing to dis-like. My family is usually very picky, so it was amazing to hear them say they loved every bit of the trip.

As for the cost, this was the best money could buy. Between the campsite, food, onsen, hospitality, kindness, knowledge, and efficient use of resources; ever dollars was used to it's maximum availability.  

I’m looking forward to future camping trips with them!! They were amazing host and new friends!! Just not enough kind things I can say- 

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