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Enjoying Japan  

Just arriving here in Japan? Wondering where to go while stationed here in Japan? Want to enjoy your stay here in Japan the best possible? Well, that is what this website is for. We want to make your tour in Japan the best experience possible.

The site is still in the development stages so please check back frequently to see the new developments.

Some up coming features include:
to get to different bases, restaurants, places of entertainment. Restaurant guide which will have translated menus, and guide for special foods.



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New on Enjoying Japan  
02/18/09 Snow Camping Will be going to Minakami in Gunma prefecture and spend 2 days/ one night in the snow there. Some of the activities you can participate is Snowboarding, skiing, snow shoeing, snow mobile riding, back country skiing, and sledding.

Dates: Saturday Feb 28 thru Sunday Mar 1
For further info, go to http://enjoyingjapan.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=141

12/13/08 Skiing and Snowboarding season is just around the corner. Maps and directions from Camp Zama to favorite ski resorts are available here.

12/12/08  Want to see some Christmas illuminations and don't know where to go? Our good friends on our board have posted information on where to view them at in Yokohama, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and much more. Visit the message on our board here

8/28/08  Why not, I decided to run for the president of the United States of America. Click here to see the special news cast.

6/13/08  English Day Camp and overnight camping for Kids. We provide a unique opportunity for youth to learn English while safely experiencing supervised day and overnight camping in Japan's great outdoors. With this experience, we hope the youth will develop a better knowledge and respect for nature.

3/24/08 March/April Calendar of events now available. Find out where you can see some cherry blossoms or other local festivals. Calendar of Events

Please help support me in providing quality website to help others in Japan just a little bit more. This site does come out of my own pocket and it does cost to drive, buy Japanese magazines and not counting the long hours at night working on this.

3/24/08 Cherry Blossom Maps are now available.  More will be added soon.

3/21/08 Cherry Blossom viewing is fast approaching. Click on picture of map for average opening day in your area. Coming soon, map of favorite places to view the cherry blossoms.


1/25/08  Map of Ski Resorts in Japan. Includes info such as how many ski lifts, cost, percent snowboarders/skiers, and much more.  Will be adding more resorts soon.

7/14/07  Saltwater fishing information. Page includes what kind of fish you can catch in the Tokyo area, when the best time of the year to fish them, and description of the fish. 

7/1/07  Map of beaches in Kanagawa and Shizouka. Includes dates open, times, size of beach, facilities and what you can't do. Will be adding more beaches soon.

6/28/07  Fireworks schedule 2007 Did you know that there are fireworks on almost everyday during the summer? From July 20 - end of August enjoy the fire in the sky shows. New for this year, I am writing directions on how to get there by train and putting a map of place using GEO mapping. It is not complete, but will be soon. Takes time to translate the magazines I purchased, and creating the maps.

4/8/07  New maps of US Military bases in Japan. I am still working on Okinawa, so please come back soon. If you see a base I missed, please e-mail me and let me know.

3/29/07    I have created some new maps. Tomei Expressway Atsugi, Toys "r" US Atsugi and Premium Mall in Gotemba. More maps coming soon. Click to see maps

3/9/07  New to Enjoyingjapan.com Videos created by our members. e-mail me if you have one to share with everyone. Our first one is:

Fire-walking Festival in Japan

Each December 6th., the Akibasan Hibuse Matsuri fire-walking festival is held at a temple/shrine in Itabashi, close to Odawara Japan. Click here for more information and to view the video.

11-5-06 Memory Photo Videos. Looking for an unique Christmas gift, create a video using photos and send it to your family or friends back in the states. 20% off till Dec 25th.

10-23-06 Train schedule shows cost, what train to catch and whether you need to switch trains or not

10-22-06 You like singing Karaoke? compete in the Yamato International Festival Karaoke contest on Nov 11 and 12th.

10-22-06 Directions to Tama Hills from Camp Zama

8-22-06 Giant Spider in your house? It may be an ashidaka-gumo. But don't kill him, he eats them nasty cockroaches. More info

7-8-06 Added more maps, Kanagawa beaches, Roppongi, Hardy Barracks, and New Sanno hotel. Click to see maps

To see our archives, click here.

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Please help support me in providing quality website to help others in Japan just a little bit more. This site does come out of my own pocket and it does cost to drive, buy Japanese magazines and not counting the long hours at night working on this.

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