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Outdoor Adventure

Furukawa Fireworks

Enjoy luxurious fireworks including 3 尺 balls

Fireworks display boasting the largest launch number in Kanto, to be held in Furukawa-shi, Ibaraki. It is a must-see because it is hard to see in the Kanto region. Besides, you can enjoy luxurious fireworks such as Widestarine and star Mine with melody. Because it is held at the river golf course, we recommend leisurely spreading leisure seats on the banks of the river and relaxing. In the depths of the golf course, precious nature of Watarase Settlements registered in the Ramsar Convention is spreading, so let's visit it together.

Event Date: 

Finished 2017/08/05 Sat






1920 ~ 2040

Number of Fireworks: 


Number of people viewing: 


Rain Date: 

Finished 2017/08/06 Sun

Size *: 





Parking About 1,700 units free, extraordinary, Furukawa Koen park (Furukawa Comprehensive Park), Furukawa second elementary school, Furukawa third elementary school, etc.

Nearest Train Station: 

20 minutes' walk from the traffic JR Koga Station, Tobu Railway Shin Furukawa 5-minute walk from the train station


****We strive to make this as accurate as possible. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may happen and an event may be cancelled or postpone, or maybe a human error in typing the GPS coordinates, there may occasionally be an error. Please contact us and let us know of the error so we can correct it. Information about the place was taken from their website and was accurate at the time of posting. Best to check their website for updated information.

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