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Hocus Pocus Tattoo Parlor


One of the most comfortable and stunning studios in Japan. For many Japanese clients who are worried about the underground image of tattoos, this is particularly important.

Hocus Pocus artist Makoto is a self proclaimed “all rounder”, and prefers larger pieces of the oriental/Japanese persuasion. Tattooing since 94, he traveled around Japan and settled back at Shizuoka 7/8 years ago, saying, “I could do the illustrations I liked, and the clientele was good. Shizuoka is probably the most average place in Japan. If a company puts out a new product, they test it on Shizuoka people! The climate, the winter is mild, and the summer is mild, the people are easy going. ”

Makoto believes that he should be able to insert anything rather than stick to one style.

“Tattoo trends are the same as music, probably. It goes in cycles,” he says. “Just before it was Japanese illustrations, now it’s Tibetan style — with my clients, anyway. In Japan, there are lots of people wanting lettering this year, such as kanji and English, for some reason.

“The clientele usually come in groups, which happens a lot in areas out of the big cities. Like say one kid wants a dragon, the next will want a carp. But still it will be in the Japanese genre.”





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