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Outdoor Adventure

USA Columbus Day and Japan Sports Day Bi-Lateral Family Campout

  Oct 10th is American Holiday Columbus Day and Japanese Holiday Sports day.  So we are planning a bi-lateral family camping trip for anyone who wants to experience camping for the first time, or just to relax and enjoy Mt. Fuji area from Oct 8-10 ,2016. We will take care of making the menu, reserving the campsite, cooking your meals, giving you time to explore the area such as the different caves in the area, fishing, swimming, kayaking, biking and so much more. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you like to participate. Leave a message if you have any questions. 


We will be camping at Lake Saiko. It is one of the 5 lakes at Mt. Fuji. The scenery is beautiful with many things to do. Some of the activities you can do is Kayaking, biking, hiking, fishing, sightseeing, swimming and so much more. I have plenty of fishing equipment and if you want to try and never experienced fishing, i will help you get started. I will work with the kids to catch fish. Fish available to catch is bluegill, largemouth bass and rainbow trout. If you are interested in hiking, there is a beautiful hike to Mt. Panarama not to far away. For sightseeing, there are several caves you can explore, drive around the 5 lakes, go on Mt. Fuji, Visit a beautiful waterfalls and so much more. We will provide you information per your request. We will have special activites for the children such as making a picture frame with sea shells and other outdoor crafts and actiivites. 



Making breakfast can be fun. One of the breakfast is making omelettes in a ziplock baggies. The kids and even adults love to make this style breakfast. 


A favorite way of cooking lunch or dinner is making a meal in aluminum foil. It's not only fun to make and design, but also very delicious.  You have a choice between cheese-n-hamburger or chicken thigh.


One of the meals is just a good ol' fashion BBQ.


Making S'mores is always a favorite with children.


One of the fun things to do is make ice cream on a hot day.


This is the wash area and the bathrooms at the campsite. There is western style toilets for both men and women.


Nice grassy area to camp here, or we can camp more closer to the lake. You can bring your pet.  Sign to the entrance of the campsite. 
Directions to the campsite from google maps . 
There is no shower at the campsite, but there is a spa within a 5 minute walk. 
We will recieve ¥100 discount tickets to use it.  Adult ¥900→¥800 Child ( up to 12 years old ) ¥500→¥400 


My name is Rika. I have been camping for more than 30 years. I really love camping at the beach. I can spend days on the beach collecting shells, snorkeling, sunbathing and enjoying the sound. My favorite part of camping is outdoor cooking. I'm looking forward to cooking some nice meals for you.  


My name is Ervin, I have camped since I was 8. I lived off the land for 9 months when I was 17. I was a scout leader and adventure crew for several years and I taught outdoor survival for them. I have lived in Japan for 30 years and I have organized many camping trips in the past 15 years. I love being in the great outdoors, especially fishing, kayaking and hiking. It is important for me that everyone enjoys their experience and hope they will start enjoying the great outdoors in the future. 


Saturday. Oct 8. Start arriving after 0800.
Lunch: Lunch will be ready for you at noon. Homemade soup, fried rice, salad and fruits. 
Setup camp. Free time
Dinner: pizza sandwiches abd hot apple/blueberry pies
Campfire at night, make smores/roast marshmallows. 
Sunday Oct 9 Wake up and breakfast will be ready by 0700.
Breakfast:  Pancakes with sausages/bacon, assorted juices and coffee.
Free time till lunch
Lunch: Lunch will be ready for you at noon. BBQ assorted meats (Chicken, ribs, sausages) assorted veggies
Free time till dinner. For the ones who are around, we will make ice cream during this time. maybe around 1500.
Dinner: Aluminium Foil Dinner Enjoy making your dinner with choice of Cheese-n-burger, fish or chicken thigh and your choice of veggies. (carrots, onions, potato, olives, peppers, mushrooms) Desert: Dutch oven cobbler. Start making your meal around 1600 and on the fire by 1700 Ready to eat around 1745. You can create your meal in the morning if you like.
Campfire at night, make smores/roast marshmallows. 
Monday Oct 10
Breakfast: Enjoy making omelettes in a ziplock baggie. You'll have many choices to add to your omellet from veggies to cheese.  
Free time till lunch.
Late Lunch: 1300 Surprise lunch. Various items.
Clean up and departure at your leisure.

Cost: Includes camp fees for each person, food and drinks, and a little towards us for planning, making and guiding. $10 per tent (Campsite fee)

3 days and 2 nights. Adults: $120  Children $95 
2 days and 1 night Adults: $90 Children $70
For large family or families with 5 yr old and under, please contact us for adjustment.  Ervin@enjoyingjapan.com
What to Bring:
  • Tent, if you need one, let us know. 
  • Sleeping bag or blankets and sleeping pad
  • Change of clothes. If planning to be in the water, swim wear, sandals, towel
  • Toiletries
  • Lamp and/or flashlight
  • Chair
  • Extra drinks, snacks and adult brevages. (Drinks and snacks are included, but if you need more, please bring extra)
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunblock
  • A desire to have fun and a Big Smile


please provide a cell phone number and e-mail address so we can contact you.
If yes, please state what you need. We have limited amount of tents, sleeping pad and bags, fishing rods and reels,
Please include number of adults and children with ages.
Please describe all for your safety.
Please explain what each member would like to have.
Please also let us know what you looking forward to
Let us know if you have any concerns or questions about the campout.

My clicking submit, you agree to participate on this campout. If you need to cancel, you must cancel by Wednesday Aug 31. If not, you will be asked to pay for the food that was purchased for your party. 

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