Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventure

Yomimuriland Pool Wai Opening

Yomiuri Land's outdoor pool, which consist of 5 pools including a wave pool and several water slides, is only open during the summer. It will open on July 1st. There is a night-time beer garden on the nearby lawn. 





Event Start Date YY/MM/DD: 



Opening hours vary by the day – see their website for more details.

Entrance fee: 

Pool entrance ¥3,200, high school and junior high students ¥2,500, younger children ¥2,100. One-day pass (includes unlimited rides at the theme park and pool entrance) ¥6,000/¥4,800/¥4,400.


Paid Parking available

Nearest Train Station: 

Keio-yomiuri-land Station

Japan Mobile Maps: 


****We strive to make this as accurate as possible. Since places do go out of business or move and maybe a human error in typing the GPS coordinates, there may occasionally be an error. Event information is from their website and accurate at the time of posting. Events may change without notice. Best to check their website if possible before going. Please contact us and let us know of the error so we can correct it.



Saturday, July 1, 2017 - 12:00

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