Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventure

Beach Trip July 16, 2017


We are headed to the beach. Beat the summer crowd and enjoy a day on white sand beach.Tsumekizaki in Izu pennisula near Shimoda.

We will depart Camp Zama at 0430 Sunday morning July 16th and arrive there at around 0730. From then, you can enjoy laying on the beach, kayaking, snorkeling along with hiking, visiting a light house and sightseeing, eating good food with BBQ provided, and you can drink and not worry about driving home. Will head back home around 1600. Arrival Camp Zama approx. 2000. (please contact us if you will be coming from another area, accommodations are available if coming from Tokyo)

This is one of the few beaches that allow you to have a BBQ, so we will have a BBQ on the beach.

Cost: 5000 yen which includes transportation and BBQ.I will bring couple kayaks and a rubber boat to play in. Also, have limited snorkeling equipment. First come first served. If you have a SUP, bring it.  Limit 14 people. Note:  BYOB

Monday is Ocean day in Japan and is a holiday. Traffic may be a little more than usual. 




Japan Mobile Maps: 

please provide a cell phone number so we can contact you.
Please include number of adults and children with ages.
Please also let us know what you looking forward to
Let us know if you have any concerns or questions about the campout.
Please explain what you would like us to do for you. From making cakes, decorations etc. Do you need any equipment?

By clicking submit, you agree to participate in this event. If you need to cancel, you must cancel by 2000 Friday, Jul 14th. 

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