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Snova Shin Yokohama Indoor Ski/Snow board

Indoor ski & snowboard park open throughout the year!

It is a compact snow park with 60m length, 30m width, and 10-14 degree incline, which facilitates a full-blown half pipe and a big and small jump stand. A moving walkway up the slope makes you transfer easily. The temparature is kept below -3℃ all the time so you can enjoy ski and snowboard in Summer. Jib objects are facilitated on a smooth slope. It is free to observe the park from the gallery space. You can enter the park to only take pictures on the slope (1,000 yen per person).

Note: The ski slop's situation is changed by seasons and day of week.
Note: JIB DAYS → Sunday through Wednesday,Schedule from May to November.If you don't play to jibs and kickers,you can't run to the ski slope.





English Speaker/Menu/Information: 




Season Dates: 

Monday, January 1, 2018 to Monday, December 31, 2018


Open all year

Percent Skiers: 


Percent Snowboards: 


Hours open weekdays: 

1000 ~ 2300

Hours open holidays: 

Saturdays 0930 ~ 2300 Sunday and holidays 0930 ~ 2230

Rentals available: 

Ski and snowboard



Additional Information: 

An indoor skiing and snowboarding facility housing a full-scale halfpipe 60 meters long and 30 meters wide with a slope of 10-14 degrees

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****We strive to make this as accurate as possible. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may happen and an event may be cancelled or postpone, or maybe a human error in typing the GPS coordinates, there may occasionally be an error. Please contact us and let us know of the error so we can correct it. Information about the place was taken from their website and was accurate at the time of posting. Best to check their website for updated information.

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