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Tokyo Sea Life Park


Has rare marine life from  the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctic. Has a 2200 ton donut-like tank under a glass dome that holds Bluetin tuna. 

it is also one of the largest to display Humbodlt, Rockhopper, Fairy and King penguins. It is also home of the largest Kep plus much more.

Park is free on the following days. October 10 (The aquarium's Anniversary Day), May 4 (Greenery Day), and October 1 (Tokyo Citizens' Day).






POINT (139.864926 35.643068)

Japan Mobile Maps: 

Time of Operation: 

0900 ~ 1700

Closed days: 

Wednesday (closes Thursday if Wednesday is a public holiday).and December 29 through January 1

Parking Information: 

Paid parking available outside the park. It is advised that you take trains on holidays and weekends.

Admission Fees: 

Adults (16-64)700 yen

Seniors (65+)350 yen

Students (13-15)250 yen

Children (0-12)Free

English Speaker/Menu/Information: 


Nearest Train Station: 



****We strive to make this as accurate as possible. Since places do go out of business or move and maybe a human error in typing the GPS coordinates, there may occasionally be an error. Please contact us and let us know of the error so we can correct it. Information about the place was taken from their website and was accurate at the time of posting. Best to check their website for updated information.

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