Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventure

Oshima Park Zoo


Has 50 species of animals which they breed and exhibit to include the red panda, Animals live in natural enviroments. Using the erupted lava as a living area for the ring-tailed lemur and that to get along basking in the sun and Barbary sheep in the country's largest monkey mountain.

Native to Oshima, Camellia japonica and utilizing the natural forest OOSHIMAZAKURA, Chisho, wetlands, currently 15 species 70 birds in the country's largest walk-in bird cage of about 53m × 42m × 13m the hills to enjoy birds and capybara, Parma 2 species of mammals of wallaby has been exhibited.

Open 8:30–17:00






POINT (139.435043 34.760794)

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****We strive to make this as accurate as possible. Since places do go out of business or move and maybe a human error in typing the GPS coordinates, there may occasionally be an error. Please contact us and let us know of the error so we can correct it. Information about the place was taken from their website and was accurate at the time of posting. Best to check their website for updated information.

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