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100 must go to Matsuri

Edogawa Fireworks 江戸川

Colors the night sky with eight different stages

A large fireworks display held simultaneously in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo and Ichikawa-shi, Chiba prefecture. Construct a program with 8 themes with different interests. Starting with the opening of 1000 shots in the usual 5 seconds, the production switching to one after another for about 75 minutes until the finale is greeted with a golden crown with gold and silver hanging down will attract audiences.

Sumida River Fireworks 隅田川 Spot 2 of 2

Fireworks display boasting the best Kanto tradition and formality

The fireworks display of the prefecture in Kanto, both tradition and formal inheritance of "Fireworks Festival of Ryugoku Fireworks" started in the middle of the Edo period in 1733 (Kyoho 18 years). Sumida river is divided into two venues to be launched. 

25,000 fireworks will go off in two spots along the Sumida River. Spot 1 has 13,350 and spot 2 has 11,650, They are about 1.5 km apart. 


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