Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventure


Sessho-seki (Killing Stone)

In a scenic location where rocks spread over a bleak, desolate land is the “Sessho-seki”. The name  is derived from the myth that a fox-ghost in the stone was responsible for killing birds and beasts coming into the area (in fact the cause was the toxic volcanic gases). The place has a mysterious atmosphere with the smell of sulphur in the air. Many tourists stop here for its stunning location, situated near the Nasu-Yumoto Onsen, with a walking path to the Nasu Kogen Observatory. The historic location was designated as a place of significant scenic beauty in March, 2014.

Nasu Animal Kingdom

This vast nature is a home of approximately 600 animals.The kingdom consists of two areas, an indoor facility called “Town” and a vast green landscape called “Farm”. Visitors love to touch everyone’s favourite capybaras and alpacas. Various performances by birds and small animals are enjoyable. There are many dog-friendly areas and dog parks, so this is also a happy kingdom for dog lovers. Relax in the Onsen inside after playing a lot!

Nasu Buggy Park

Rent 4-wheel buggies and drive on set course or off road. Buggy is an extremely popular attraction as it allows children to enjoy adults. It is a ride that can be ridden in various places and loved by many people. Nasu Buggy Park in Tochigi Prefecture has a course that makes use of rich nature so you can enjoy a full ride. There are also courses that you can experience from the age of 6, so small children can also enjoy it is popular. Because there are two-seater carts for people who are not familiar with driving, it is safe.

Nasu Highland Park

The Nasu Highland Park is the biggest amusement park in all of Tochigi and offers something for everyone, from visiting families to adrenaline junkies. With over 40 different attractions, including 10 roller coasters, it’s loved by locals and visitors alike.

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