Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventure


Shell Beach

This beach usually has no one there. It is a beach made of crushed shells. It is not the real name of the beach. There is no name. The water is very clean and the rock formation is very beautiful. Snorkeling and fishing is great here.  Good place to relax and have a BBQ. Parking is available but not close. Surfing is available 100 meters away. Bathrooms are located about 100 meters away.


Note: From Camp Zama, it is at least a 3 hour drive and tolls are about 7000 yen. The beach is not a sandy beach and no place to open swim. 


Yuigahama is i about 15 minutes on walk from Kamakura station. The beach goers enjoy swimming, playing games and sitting along the beach side. This is also historical, beautiful and cultural and the sunset is a must to see. 

Shirao beaches

In safety and peace of mind, it is a beautiful sandy beach of the family beach.  Here seine net experience and barbecue is served at the shallow, landscape sinking of the sunset is the best.
Located in the proximity of about 15 minutes by car from Kanazawa, also here has clean flush toilets.


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