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Shiryudou Tattoo Parlor

Shiryudoh is located in a quiet residential area of Kakinokizaka.

Jiyuugaoka is right by the station, easy to access, and is a wonderfully busy shopping district.

While busy areas are nice as well, we believe that great ideas can be born from a quiet environment, and clients can feel relaxed and calm while getting a tattoo. It was because of this belief that we moved here.


Inkrat are a modern street shop in Koenji that has taken as is its mission the task of introducing American traditional to a local audience. They are exemplary of the Japanese fascination with overseas culture, and the importation of tattoo culture from America to Japan, that helped bring tattoo culture into the mainstream.

Inkrat is made up of two artists, Rei and Hata. Rei the owner has been tattooing for 14 years, making him one of the pioneers of modern tattooing in Japan – starting in the hot bed of tattoo talent, Osaka, and moving to Tokyo.

56 Tattoo Studio

Shop is ran byHorimasa, studied under Horitoku, one of Japan’s top tattooing masters. He is well respected and with an aptitude of all tattooing styles. Highly regarded for a reason, his shop is welcoming and he is one of the most skilled artists in Tokyo.

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